Late Fall Day in NYC

My sisters and I love to spend the day in NYC.

Since we live in the Jersey suburbia, the bus takes us about 1-2 hours commute depending on traffic. And when we are in the city, we usually go to our favorite places which makes it difficult to try something new. This time we tried to venture out beyond the confines of Chinatown and started our day walking aimlessly and enjoy the nice fall weather.

We finally found our way up the High Line Bridge.

A hotel that is standing through stilts, the Standard Hotel.

Madison goofing off on one of the benches.

Momofuku was closed so we went next door at the Milk Bar.

And had a snack of yummy Pork Belly buns. 

I assume that art work gets ruined at the end of the day or if it rains.

Found some glove molds. Not sure what is the purpose of these but it costs about $40 each.

Till the next NYC trip. For now, I am bound to be in hibernation till the snow and cold weather wears off.


Lavender Honey said...

Interior designers, accessories designers and artists collect those glove molds. It's only now that I realized what they are for ... but I've seen them in design blogs and magazines, and in features on creative people's homes.

Kristine said...

I didn't know you were in my neighborhood...I'm just a few blocks east of the Highline. I'm excited for the portion north of 23rd Street to be completed this year.

I love those Momofuku pork buns. Yum.

I'm sick of this weather. I'm getting cabin fever.

MichDom said...

@LH - Interesting...Thanks for the info.

@Tin - I have to look you up when we are in the area, probably sometime when this crazy weather gets warmer.

Jane said...

Nice share! The hands could be a creepy collection=)