Long drives and North Myrtle Beach

I am not a fan of long drives. I actually dread sitting in the car for long stretches and bored to tears. My husband, on the other hand loves this kind of travel. He grew up travelling throughout America in a car. His parents often cross drive from New Jersey to California about twice or thrice a year. That is a lot of driving  -and gas consumption.

When my in-laws invited us to tag along with them for a trip to Florida, I didn't hesitate to say no. After 6 months of cold winter hibernation, I am so ready for beach weather.

The original plan was to stay overnight in Myrtle Beach and then head over straight to Orlando. It usually take about 10 hours drive to Myrtle Beach but travelling with a potty trained toddler made our trip a little more longer. We were forced to make potty breaks every hour whenever she's not sleeping. While I welcome the chance to stretch my legs, getting to our destination seem like forever.

Last year, we stayed in the beach front resort. This time my in laws chose a cottage about 2 blocks away from the beach. Its a great place if you have a big family staying over. You get a lot of privacy. Actually, when we woke up the next day, somebody was softly playing the violin from another cottage across the street.

A cottage on stilts. This place is bigger than our house.

The view from the deck, it overlooks the pool and the play area.

My in laws gave us the Master Bedroom which we took the opportunity to use the jacuzzi in the bathroom.

Awesome dining area.

They provide the equipment upon request.

Another plus with travelling large families - the grill area!
I would have jumped in but it is still rainy and cold.

It is still cold and rainy in Myrtle Beach, the strong winds didn't help either. So much for my beach weather.

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Bluegreen Kirk said...

Simply love Myrtle Beach! I haven't been home in a few years so this really brings back memories. Being from Sumter, SC I use to visit the beach often. Wonderful place to spend time with the family.