Korea series: Coffee And Tea

The first thing that I noticed once we started exploring around Seoul was the abundance of coffee shops. They seem to be everywhere. Some are chains, some are stand alone shops. Coffee in these places aren't cheap at all. But it gives you that fancy space to rest and relax that weary feet.

Cafe Pascucci. They are a coffee shop chain that I see them mostly on major malls. I regret not taking a photo of the entire shop but it is mostly decorated with dark colors and leather seats.

This was a coffee shop on the Dongdaemun area. I forgot the name but it has a sign says "premium" on it. As I only like to drink cafe latte, I took the initiative to try something new, a green tea latte. It was good in its creamy and frothy way but it didn't give me the jolt that I usually get from coffee.

At Cafe Benne. This might be the most popular chain since they are almost everywhere and also endorsed by the popular Korean stars. Although they serve breakfast fare like waffles and pancakes, they are open a little later. The one in front of our hotel opens at 9 am.

The Bird Flying Tea Shop

One of the guide book recommendation was to try having a traditional tea in Insadong. There were a couple of them to choose from but the author's favorite place was quite hard to find since the shop signs were all in Hangul. It turns out that this particular place was tucked away at the end of a narrow side street. Located on the second floor with rickety stairs, it was one of our best finds that made Insadong so special.

This was the kind of place that you have to take off your shoes at the top of the stairs. A minute after we sat there was a group of fellow tourists with a local guide that took them there. The guide told them that this was their favorite place to show to people.

We could hear small chirping birds on the side. The place is crowded with old furniture. We were sitting on an elevated platform on top of a pillow. It was small but we were comfortable.

I got a simple herb tea and my sister got something sweet. Too sweet for my taste.

The coffee and tea shop scene around Seoul was something that I really like. There were a lot of them that a 10 day trip would not be enough to try them all. Unless I drink about 5 cups of coffee in one day. It would be excessive, it also make me very giddy. And that's not fun.

I still found a slew of photos to share from this trip. So more Korea series posting to come. Stay tuned.

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docgelo said...

beautiful post with great captures!
makes me want to fly to korea now with my family! hahaha! more of this series, please! :)