The Poconos Weekend

It was a surprise when hubby told me that he wants to do a weekend getaway. I was exhausted these past few weeks and I don't feel like going on a long drive. And since we have always been driving south on most getaways, this time I suggested going north. The Poconos Mountains sounds a good idea. It is close, an hour and a half drive and we never been there. So, we grabbed the water cooler, the van and the in-laws and off we went.

The Poconos Mountain is a popular (and cheap) options for family vacations. It is great to visit on both extremes of the season. On winter, it is a popular ski destination. On the summer, it is known for hiking and white water rafting. We are in a shoulder season (too cold for the pool, too warm to ski) so I am not sure what other options we could do for the weekend. It turns out that its a good thing not to do much on a weekend. My in-laws (both retired) made sure we ate good and got enough sleep. I told hubby that we should do this more often.

Our 2 storey "cottage" for the weekend. It has 2 bedrooms, full kitchen and a pull out couch on the living room. It even has a storage area outside for ski equipments. The interiors really has nothing to write home about but it has the basics and ideal for big families.

The next day we woke up early for the golfing range. Hubby only took select clubs and forgot the wood. I am a little annoyed but its a great day so I settled using the #3 and the hybrid.

Then we had lunch at the cottage and picked up Madison so we could do some sightseeing. I am always interested on hearing the history of every place we visited. Nothing really historic happened here at the Poconos mountains but it was interesting how was the way of life back then when travel is very limited. The Delaware Water Gap Trolley is a good start on going around the area.

This is one of the scenic spots at the Trolley ride. Across is the Delaware Water Gap and the highway that connects the town to civilization. It is said that the river had a tendency to overflow on hurricane season.

Then the guide pointed out the mountain side that looked like a face with an eagle perched on its nose. Can you see it?


fter the Trolley tour, we head back to the cottage and sat around in the patio. Later the day, the temperature went down and its too cold to be outdoors. We decided to have an early dinner and finish the rest of the wine while watching DVD.

I know. I wish I could write something about doing cool things but rest and sleep seem to be a luxury for us nowadays. Next post would be more photos of what I would term as a "hidden treasure" on the Poconos. I have never heard of this place before but I would love to come back and stay at least overnight on this inn that looks like you are in a time warp. A little hint - it reminds me of The Great Gatsby.

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Reginald Cheng said...

Hmmm... the place is nice, looks like you can relax... at least you find it cold there yesterday the temperature was 35.5C so hot would love to go to the beach. However been reluctant as gasoline price costs too much here unlike before. :(