9th Avenue International Food Festival 2012

New York City - Another street fair that I look forward to every year. Like the Taste of Tribeca in downtown, it is a collection of sample fares from nearby restaurants. At least this time, the tasting portions have reasonable prices.

Paella is always a safe bet on street fairs.

The Poseidon Bakery is the best Greek Bakery in NYC. Those sweets all seem to be floating in honey. I would like to eat those with coffee in hand.

These food looks familiar, its Indonesian food. Looks yummy.

These are the goodlooking sweets from Mitchel London Foods.

My last meal of the day: soft taco and hibiscus tea. A very good combination. I would like to have this again.

I noticed that I have been going to the same festivals every year. I just love them. Summer doesn't last long in the East Coast. This is also a good reason to be out and about. Often times, the heat too can be unbearable but this is held only once a year so I make the best of it.