Avoiding the Frenzy

I don't care much about football but I do look forward to the championship event. It is a good reason to have a party, drink and be merry. You don't really need to know the technical aspects of the game. You will know when everyone has that intense look on their face waiting for the touchdown. That moment of silence breaks into bursts of joy (or disappointment) at the end.

It is hard not to ignore the festivities when you know that the biggest party in town in right in your hometown.

Outside the line for the Lombardi trophy.

The Lombardi trophy up close. You may be able to get closer inside to a photo op for die hard fans. I would be curious to see inside the trophy room didn't have time to wait in line.

I would assume that a lot of high profile guests are staying here for the main event. Across the street is some sort of a communication hub.

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