KCC Farmer's Market - Oahu, Hawaii

Another wish crossed off on our list. Farmer's Market is usually set up on a weekend morning. And since we are on limited time in Oahu, we ended skipping this adventure. I am glad we were finally able to visit one.

The KCC (Kapiolani Community College) Farmer's Market is organized by the Hawaii Farm Bureau which was originally started by a group of local farmers to promote and advocate the locally grown commodities.

We started our day early and was able to get a close parking spot. Then it started to rain.

We found beautiful produce and vegetables. Some I recognized and some not.

Beautiful Pineapples everywhere.

This is the first time I saw a Mammee Apple. The description states it is a cross between mango and apricot. Sounds good. I wish I bought and tried one. There were so many to see on this market.

It was a mistake to go on these kind of markets hungry. Suddenly, all foods look good but the lines suddenly gets longer on the booths. It became impossible to find a place to sit and eat.

Hubby took a chance on this Green Drink. The ingredients listed as Kale, Japanese Mustard Spinach, Pineapple, Mint, Lemon and Apple Juice and Water. It taste weird (at first) but halfway it had one of those acquired taste. It was addicting actually. We finished it.

We picked up some of those Ahi Steaks with Shrimp.

And my folks took some of the Breakfast Pho.

Later, the day cleared and the market got crowded. We decided to bring all the food with us and eat it at our place. We plan to swim at the beach later the day.

A couple of observation, I noticed that most of the people seem to be tourists like us. The longest line were Japanese tourist lining up for the BBQ Abalone which is not cheap. It costs about $4 each. As always, too many to eat and try but so little time. A reason to be back again in the future.

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