Diamond Head - Oahu, Hawaii

e on a roll in terms of hiking. The guidebook states that it is a challenging hike due to the stairs but the reward would be spectacular 360 degree views. Sounds good. We decided to go first thing in the morning, we heard that it can get crowded and parking is limited.

Halfway through the hike, we can now feel the sun bearing on us. We were rewarded with this view.

We continue to walk through till we got to the elevated climb. I did stop a couple of times to rest. I am not used to this activity.

I might have waited about 15 minutes to deflate before I summed up the courage to walk the stairs.

Until we got into a narrow walkway inside the crater. It is hot and humid inside and not much air circulation. I remember having  panic attack and walked slowly trying to convince myself that there is no turning back.

All the way, we got rewarded again with a spectacular view of the ocean.

The view from the other side of the crater.

And Waikiki looking like a concrete jungle.

The hike down was faster than going up. The hike probably took us about 2.5 hours roundtrip.

Madison is such a trooper, I might have complained more about the climb than her. In fact, she had been running circles around us while we ascend on our hike. She deserve a shaved ice snack as her prize for waiting on us.

Somebody told us later that you can hike all the way down below the lighthouse and head over to the beach to cool off. We would probably reserve that on the next time.

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