Manoa Falls Trail - Oahu, Hawaii

We have been to Oahu multiple times. Every visit we make sure to do something that we haven't done before. There were also times that we go back to our favorites like eating breakfast at Eggs N' Things, getting shaved ice at Matsumoto and swim at our favorite beach in Lanikai.

Good Morning Honolulu!

Our flight took us to Honolulu early in the morning. Coming from the East Coast, we had a good 6 hours ahead so instead of nursing a jet lag we decided to go for an early hike to Manoa Falls.

First impression

I was taken aback from the overgrown trees and fauna that greeted us on the parking lot. The trees were tall and intimidating. It has been a while since we hiked on a tropic setting. It is still early in the morning and yet I can feel the incoming heat and humidity from the rising sun. It would only get worse in the middle of the day. I told myself we are already here might as well go for it.

It's been a while since I saw a bamboo tree. Forgot how beautiful they look in person.

We were going on slowly since it is flat terrain till we saw this flight of stairs. I panicked a bit since I am running out of breath. There were a group of old Japanese women with hats and sticks that were smoothly gliding over these same stairs. You could tell they were in good shape and had probably done this tall hike all their life. I envy them.

As we get close to the falls, the floor gets more slippery. I find it more difficult to climb up on wet soil. I even slipped a couple of times.

We noticed that we find more florals and fauna along the way.

After all the hike, we finally found our prize. The 150 foot Manoa Waterfalls. It was roped off with a warning of no swimming due to falling rocks. We tried to get a good picture but the slippery rocks prevents us from getting to close to the water.

It was a good started hike for non-hiker like me. We have been living on the East Coast for so long that we forgot how tropical weather gets hot through the day. We are not used to mosquitos. We didn't even think of bringing an insect repellant. It was a good hour hike. Given an opportunity, I would go back here again.

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