The Mount - Edith Wharton's former home

The Mount is a house museum in the Berkshires that is formerly owned by the novelist Edith Wharton. Built in 1902, she designed (with the assistance of Ogden Codman Jr.) this house based on 17th century design with Italian and French influences. The property has been declared as a National Historic Landmark and it is open to the public that welcomes 40,000 visitors each year.

The exterior is made of plain white stucco and the dark green shutters provided color to this simple front.

My first impression when I stepped in the house that it was bright. It has enough large windows that takes in a lot of natural light.

You could tell that the master of the house is a woman, the furniture and interiors had a feminine feel.

Edith Wharton loves to entertain guests particularly her literary friends. It is said that author Henry James is a frequent visitor.

The author has published 15 novels and wrote 85 short stories. I read The Age of Innocence, The House of Mirth and Summer (my favorite).

It is probably the brightest room in the house and it happens where the author likes to write her stories in bed.

The large stone terrace is found at the back of the house which overlooks at the Italian inspired garden.

After 1911, Edith Wharton moved permanently to France. The house was sold and eventually became a girl's dormitory for the Foxhollow school. It was then bought by the Edith Wharton Restoration society and restored the property on its original condition.

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