First day in Seoul

Our flight landed 4am early. The subway and buses doesn't start till 5am and our hotel check in is at 3pm. We were tired from the long flight but we are forced to fight jet lag -- well at least we have a bed to crash unto.

After dropping our luggage at the hotel front desk, we head back and took the subway to the hop on and hop off tourist bus in Seoul. We saw a lot of options to explore but we were hungry and settled on going to the large mall in Yongsan which is also a major train station.

Upstairs there is the train station and a mall attached on multiple floors. We found a couple of places to eat. They all look good but we settled on a small non-descript restaurant that seem to be busy with locals.

We got the simple meal on the menu. The grilled fish along with the side dishes (ban chan) was delicious. I remember it was cheap too. This was one of our best meals in Seoul.

After our big meal, we decided to go back to the hotel so we can check in and rest until later the day where we are scheduled to watch the baseball game in Jamsil.

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