Second Day in Seoul

It is our second day in Seoul. The night before we were so tired that we did not even finished the baseball game in Jamsil Stadium. We slept early but woke up at 3 am and so hungry that we can't even go back to sleep. Instead of fighting the urge, we went outside the hotel where there was a 24 hour restaurant. It turned out that this will be our breakfast routine for the next couple of days.

This was our first breakfast in Seoul. One thing about this city that there is always a place to eat round the clock. You would never get hungry in Seoul. I am  beginning to love this city a little more.

After eating, we went to get some coffee and so it happens that my sister whom is scheduled to come in the night before had a delayed flight. They landed around midnight. They so happened to stop by and get coffee too and we are happy to have a reunion and all happy to see them. We sat down and talked for a little bit before heading back to the hotel.

Our plan today was to take the hop on-hop off Seoul Bus Tour and bought tickets to take the cable car up to Namsan Tower.

The initial view from the cable car.

You have the option to climb the Namsan mountain by foot.

Once out of the cable car, you still have to walk to the tower and ride the elevator to the top.

It was still a foggy day but clear enough to see Seoul.

Afterwards, we walked around the area and found a sea of love locks.

Found on Mount Namsan were old smoke signal stations that were used as an emergency communication station during the Joseon era.

Castle walls were built on top of the Mount Namsan to use are capital defense for foreign invasion.

There were also a lot of food options by the N Tower.

This Bulgogi noodle soup did not disappoint. Good and inexpensive.

We are on our way back to the cable car and while waiting we saw this large ad. The model on the ad is probably the most recognizable actor in Asia. And I would admit that I am one of this biggest fan.

We were stuck in traffic for hours since there was an event on one of the major parks on our tour loop. We decided to hop on the closest subway stop which happened to be in Hongdae.

Hongdae was also crowded but we found a lot of street performances. We walked around for a short while till we hopped on the subway to catch another baseball game.

It was our second day in watching baseball. Compared to the day before which happened to be a Saturday, it is now more crowded had more cheerleaders on the ledge. We didn't finish the game but found out that our team Nexxen won the game. Yes! Go Nexxen!

We are now exhausted and still battling jetlag. We also have to prepare for another full day tomorrow for our DMZ excursion.

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