Newport in May

It is always too difficult to book a room in Newport, Rhode Island. It is just way too popular even on off season. While we are now looking forward to warm weather in the East Coast, it takes a while till it gets warm in the New England States. Places like Newport that is close to the water takes way more longer because of the wind chill factor.

While our resort had adequate facilities like indoor play area and swimming pool, we still tend to walk our way to the nearest coffee shop or food places like the lobster shack across the street.

The kitchen at the Lobster Shack is still closed until Memorial Day weekend. But the shack is open if you need to pick up some lobsters and crabs. They will steam it for you for a small fee.

We bought some rock crabs and lobster for take out. Those rock crabs shell seem impossible to break without proper tools. It took us a while to open them up. But they were very good.

We plan to come back to Newport in the middle of summer. In the off season, this place seem dreary but in the warm months it comes back to life with the crowds and almost impossible to get parking.

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