National Constitution Center

Philadelphia, PA

This was one of the stops we had on our weekend trip to Philly. And since, Philadelphia is an old old town, you would never ran out of historical places to visit. For the National Constitution Center is historic but not old. It is an interactive museum devoted to the U.S. Constitution.

The building opened in 2003 and is located blocks away from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

Inside the museum. No photos allowed on the interactive exhibition area.

The view from the second floor.

The view from the museum entrance. Across is the Independence Hall.

Feature Exhibition inside: Bruce Springsteen! I really enjoyed looking at his memorabilia. He is from the Jersey shore and any references from Asbury Park to Freehold makes me proud living in New Jersey. Too bad no photos allowed. I think the crown jewels of the exhibition were the items used from the album Born in the USA particularly the handwritten notes, the outfit, the red cap and the guitar used for the album.

I think this is his first car that he bought after his first album. Look at the trophy photo at the back, he looks so young and proud. He is destined to superstardom from here.

Hopefully, we would have time to visit the nearby sites in the future. It would be worth another weekend trip to Philadelphia.


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