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National Constitution Center

Philadelphia, PA

This was one of the stops we had on our weekend trip to Philly. And since, Philadelphia is an old old town, you would never ran out of historical places to visit. For the National Constitution Center is historic but not old. It is an interactive museum devoted to the U.S. Constitution.

Reading Terminal Market

Philadelphia, PA - It is my second time here at the Reading Terminal Market. It is also unfortunate that we only have free time on Sundays to stop by here where only 70% of the market are open. The Amish stalls are closed Sundays.

I do wish to see the market in its full glory when it is crowded and full of life. Maybe we need another visit in the near future, hopefully we would make it on a weekday.

Creperie Beaumonde - Philadelphia

Philadelphia is only about 2 hours away from where we live. We have been here so many times but often enough we haven't really stayed here longer than a day trip. When hubby suggested that we could make a short weekend getaway out of it, well, I couldn't say no to that.

Crepes had been one of my favorite foods. I like them warm and very sweet. Paired with an awesome cafe latte, then it is my little of piece of heaven.

We heard only good things about Creperie Beaumonde in Philadelphia. And since we were in the area, we thought of checking it out.

A day in Philly

It has been quiet on my end lately. First, my laptop went kaput with all my photos, videos and files, it was stressful enough but I had seen it coming. That laptop had been temperamental these past few months that it quickly overheats then freeze. The day the mother(effing?)board got fried it finally shutdown and went to sleep for good. So now, I try to check on emails on borrowed computer till I get a new one.

Another culprit was the weather. It has been cold and snowy last few weeks and I didn't really like to go out and bundle up unless I really need to. It's bad enough that I have to go to work and run errands but I preferred to stay indoors as much as I could.

There was a hint of spring from the last couple of weeks. The weather seem comfortable enough to wander back outdoors even with a light jacket. Finally, I took up the courage to dust up my camera and planned a day trip to Philadelphia.

Our first stop was a quick brunch at Chinatown for some dim sum. Philly Chinatown is a fraction smaller compared to New York City, somehow it took us a while to find a place that serves dim sum. Not all restaurants have it based on their menu posted on the window. We were lucky enough to find a good one, it didn't hurt that it is reasonable too. Our tab cost about $10 per person. Not bad at all.

We also happened to watch a short parade in honor of World Peace and Prosperity, surely I am up for that.