Reading Terminal Market

Philadelphia, PA - It is my second time here at the Reading Terminal Market. It is also unfortunate that we only have free time on Sundays to stop by here where only 70% of the market are open. The Amish stalls are closed Sundays.

I do wish to see the market in its full glory when it is crowded and full of life. Maybe we need another visit in the near future, hopefully we would make it on a weekday.

Not to be discouraged, we were able to go around the market place and saw interesting things to eat. There is so many choose from. I just can't decide where to start.

The great pastrami. Look at them pickles!

Or while in Philly, why not a Philadelphia cheese steak.

And there is always a nice spicy Gumbo. The Crab & Shrimp Etouffe was fantastic.

 I can never resist an old fashioned Lemon Bars.

Another creperie! I am putting this joint on the next time "to do" list.

Too bad it is the height of summer. We can't leave this in the car. I would like to take home those carrot cake.

 And I would like to take some artisan cheese too.

Yikes! For that price, those Roquefort cheese better be worth it. Maybe we were paying for the mold.

Nice old fashioned ice cream bar.

I would give this one an A for presentation. Look at those chicken and empanadas. Look really awesome.

Well, I hope you are hungry now as I am posting this. This is the only downside on market places like these, your eyes tend to get greedy with all this.

And yes, I want them all!

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