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Photo Blog: Streetfairs

A little leftover from last month. Seen at the Cool Japan Festival 2010 in NYC.

Cool Japan Festival

Seen at the Cool Japan Festival 2010:

Green potstickers
They really look appetizing but some of us know that Ajinomoto is synonymous to _ _ _. I have nothing against it. In fact, my grandmother used in on every dish and she is one of the best cooks I know. I just had a change of lifestyle growing up.

The Robot Competition

It never fails to amuse me that something so simple can give so much joy.

When we went to the Cool Japan Festival in NYC there was a booth that was enclosed by people cheering on to something. It turned out to be a robot competition where 2 challengers push each other outside the round ring. The first one to do so would be declared the winner.

So simple.

Guess who?

That guy looks like Harvey Keitel.

Photo taken at the Taste of Tribeca, 2010.

Eating at Tribeca - New York, NY

Sorry for the late post but never say never.

Every year, the collective restaurants in Tribeca set up a food tasting fundraiser for the benefit of the local schools in the area. The unique aspect of this street fair was the opportunity to taste some items that those high end restaurant have on their menu or you would have a professional chef cooking at the booths.

It is not something you typically get on a weekend street fair. 

Too excited to watch chefs in their element.

Trinity Church - New York, NY

If you are in downtown NYC, it would be impossible to miss the Trinity Church at Rector Street. It stands in front of the Wall Street area as it overlooks the New York Stock Exchange building.

9th Avenue Food Fest 2010 - New York, NY

This is one of my favorite streetfairs in NYC. Most of the vendors were restaurants in the same block but majority of them were entrepreneurial folks who want to show off their wares.

This year I am intent on looking for new food items that weren't there last year. Maybe try something I am not familiar with. The same vendors were still there but what I noticed that it has less flair than last year but it hasn't lost its charm.

Romanian Fest - New York, NY

As I indicated my disappointment from the Romanian Festival on finding anything Romanian, I took some random photos of items seen at the street fair.

Some veggie fare. Spinich, anyone?

Romania Festival 2010 - New York, NY

Back at work, I met a team leader that has an Eastern European accent but I can't tell where specifically. A little small talk and found out he is from Romania. Suddenly, I tried to squeeze what I know about the country and its culture but nothing other than Dracula's Transylvannia and Nadia Comaneci comes in mind.

When I heard New York City is having a Romanian parade, I knew to check it out.

The Lucky Peach

I always hear rave reviews on Momofuku in NYC. It is known as a great after hours place for ramen and beers. I haven't been there but one day I will trek my way in the village.

Ramen is one of my comfort foods. Once in a while I have these noodle cravings that I drive about an hour and a half to have an authentic bowl of Japanese Ramen noodles in Fort Lee. I have this idea that maybe I can make my own broth and buy  a fresh pre-made noodles in Mitsuwa. So, when I heard that Momofuku owner and chef David Chang is publishing his own recipe book based on his popular dishes, I need to check this out.

Polish Parade 2009 - New York, NY

NYC: Bastille Day 2009

There was an episode of the Real World London in MTV where the housemates were required to help out wire the fireworks in Paris to commemorate Bastille Day. I remember that the fireworks show had been spectacular. I vowed that one day I will celebrate Bastille Day in Paris. When? Not anytime soon, I only go in Europe during the winter season since it is the cheapest time to fly there.

Bastille is the fortress where the uprising happened that abolished the French monarchy. It is the French version of an independence day.

To celebrate with the French expats in America, NYC has closed 60th Street between 5th and Lexington Avenues.

As a typical street fair, it is a foodie event. The only difference from the other events was the availability of table and chairs to enjoy your food. Most of the foods available were sandwiches, a lot of baguettes, the mandatory crepes and sweets. One that had impressed me is Payard, it had the best looking and tasting pastries. I might stop by there one of these days.

Before and After

From last year Museum Mile Festival, it would be hard not to notice that the Guggenheim Museum is under wraps, its full beehive glory is covered for renovations.

The Guggenheim Museum after much extended renovations, looking like brand new.

NYC: Museum Mile 2009

Museum Mile in NYC is a yearly spring event where major museums in 5th Avenue were open to the public for free. The city closes down 5th Avenue starting from 82nd to 105th streets to pedestrians and street performers; also it allows children to make street chalk drawing designs.

Philippine Parade 2009 - New York City

This is my first time attending the Philippine parade in NYC, the parade started in Madison Avenue between 42nd street and 23rd streets. It is the grandest parade compared to the ones in NJ and CT, it usually draws the biggest crowd from the tri-state area. It also boasts high profile visitors such as the Philippine Vice President, Noli De Castro and celebrities like Jay-R and dreamboat Dingdong Dantes.

9th Avenue Food Fest 2009 - New York, NY

This is our first time on the 9th Avenue food fest. There are so many food options for cheap and the experience can be overwhelming. The only downside was that you are forced to eat your food standing up. There were times that I just want to get away from the heat and the sun, take my time to eat my food but it can get frustrating when its time to chew on a big chunk of meat standing up.

Turkish Festival 2009 - New York, NY

There are still some cultures that are not a familiar territory to me and Turkey was one of them. I know that from history, this country has been mentioned extensively along with other Middle Eastern countries as one of the cradles of civilization but I don't know anything about the country, the people and its culture. This is a good eye opener to me.

Food Fair 2009 - Downtown New York, NY

My office has moved to downtown. I am little annoyed of not having decent food options in the area. If there were, the price range is not even worth it.

Let me focus on the upside, if there was any....World Financial Center in downtown had a food fair. Restaurants in the area are selling samplers of their lunch specials. Nothing great but its good to know what is available in the area. Until now, I haven't ventured out that far.

One of the better options here, I got the yaki's and ginger salad. Yum!

Ramen Setagaya 2009 New York, NY

Baby it's cold outside....

Ah winter, times like these always make me crave comfort food. Piping hot noodles and broth comes to mind whenever I am cold and hungry. It is cheap and easily accessible. I usually settle for an instant ramen but once in a while I rather have the real thing.

One of my favorite ramen place is Ramen Setagaya in the village. This place has always been consistent and service is fast. A true gem. I could always wish that this place is close to my home. I might forget about cooking and eat here everyday till I worry about my sodium intake.

My favorite was the dish that they separate the noodles and the broth. To eat this, you have to dip the noodles to the broth for taste. Ramen dish are usually served together. I assume that a family can share the dish with minimal broth.

The ultimate comfort food.

Annual Halloween Parade 2008 - New York City

For the longest time, I have been avoiding any big events or parade in NYC. I always known that it can get chaotic, crowded and insane. I rather leave it up to the tourists that gather to these events. Now, that we have a baby, we are more selective on the places we go and having a date night would be more of long shot since we have to set up a baby sitter for the night.

It was all the news that this year's Halloween parade was still on good spirits since it lost most of its major corporate sponsors. People are worried that it will take out the lackluster from the previous years. Not to be deterred, the parade promoters promised a fun night to keep up with tradition.
We made a night out of it. After work, J picked me up and had quick dinner. We got there almost the time the parade starts to kick in. Since we were three rows down from the street, I was barely able to get a good view. Also, my camera is on manual mode, taking pictures at night in quick reflex was not my strong point.

This year's theme is ghost. It started with a couple glow in the dark masks held up on the stick and had a flowing cape. There was a marching band that plays the Phantom of the Opera theme and wearing Hogwart's uniform. My favorite was the group of people wearing the Richard Simmons costume. They even have a set choreography. I wish I was able to video it.
Here are some of my lucky shots: